Today’s sourcing professionals are working in silos, using manual processes, and lacking timely, quality data.

Stressed Out Sourcing Professional

These circumstances result in missed opportunities for cost savings and risk avoidance, and waste time with unnecessary fire-fighting.

In an era of doing more with less, you can directly affect your team’s ability to avoid these costly mistakes.

Paradata brings together public and private Cost, Lead timeRisk, and Compliance data so that you can use prescriptive insights to make timely decisions.

Supply Chain Landscape with Paradata Solution

On average Paradata’s insights provide 5.5% savings for our customers.

Paradata Product Feature Comparison Table

Design Advantage

Design Advantage (DA) is intended for Engineering, New Product Introduction Teams, or anyone who is involved with developing a new product or bill of material (BOM). DA gives the users all the insights and related information needed to bring a product to market in a timely manner at an optimal cost with minimal risk. DA provides all the equivalent component options available with their associated costs, availability and risk significantly reducing engineerings search time and area. DA users can upload a specific number of BOMs and utilize the SaaS for an expected duration of a products development cycle.

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