BOM Advantage

Increase product profitability, manage product health, and reduce supply network risk through golden data that prescribes clear business insights.

BOM Advantage leverages Paradata’s Trusted Discovery™ technology, our expert system, to cleanse, enrich, and harmonize your private data with harvested public data, providing a powerful backdrop to deliver descriptive and prescriptive insights to improve the holistic health of your products’ Bill of Materials (BOMs) and Supply Chain.

A SaaS solution for BOM Management, Paradata provides low total cost of ownership with rapid return on investment.

Bill of Material's Paradata Health Score

Increase Profits

Lower your COGS and drive faster revenue through insightful product intelligence

Improve Product Health

Eliminate the unknowns and work with clarity around the health of your BOM for cost and delivery

Reduce Network Risk

Ensure the entire team has visibility and alignment in delivering a product that meets the goals of the business

Paradata SaaS Feature List

Key Features

BOM Health

Health Score - Rapidly review health scores for your BOMs to identify those that need attention.

Prescriptive Intelligence - Increase your score by leveraging prescriptive intelligence to resolve identified issues.

Complete Data - Identify where there is inconsistent, duplicate or incomplete information.

Team Collaboration

Collaborative Workspace - Jointly improve the health of your BOMs by providing a single space for your product delivery team.

Private Data Consolidation - Move out of information silos by storing and comparing standard, contract, and partner & supplier quotes across departments for your BOMs.

History - Track the history of improvements and changes.

Cost and Supply Intelligence

Risk Assessment - Understand where you have supply chain risk such as single sourcing, parts nearing end of life, non-compliance, or poor availability.

Opportunities - Determine where your greatest opportunities are to decrease material cost through cost comparisons.

Scenarios - Understand cost and supply implications based on defined scenarios.

Trusted Discovery

Harmonized Data - Cleanse, enrich, and harmonize part, cost, and supply data.

Data Acquisition - Automatically and continuously harvest parts and prices for the most up-to-date information.

Authenticity - Review the Scaled Authenticity Quotient which provides insight into the confidence of the data provided.

Executive Decision Board*

Visibility - Visualize cost savings across portfolio. Manage entire spend across all product lines. Understand where to focus your team's energy.

Management - Manage risk vs. revenue. Keep on top of critical items, RoHS compliance, lead times, lifecycles, and single sourcing.

Tracking - Track performance against plans.

Executive Report Example

*Additional service available for purchase

Feature Spotlights

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