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Who We Are

Paradata is a big data analytics company focused on bringing transparency to global supply chain management. Paradata's predictive and optimization SaaS helps manufacturing, engineering, supply chain and procurement leaders make smarter product design and sourcing decisions.

What We Do

Paradata provides a SaaS solution that helps analyze cost, lead-time, risk and compliance information obtained from structured and unstructured public and private data providing prescriptive and predictive verified insights the user can execute upon.  Our SaaS platform uses advanced machine learning requiring no human data gathering thus providing continuous 24/7/365 data updates.

What We Deliver

Paradata delivers a data first approach to optimize your Bill of Material and procurement process. The BOM is an under serviced area of opportunity yet accounts for a massive percentage of a manufacturer’s income statement.

Cost Savings

Alternative supplier pricing and equivalent parts

Risk Avoidance

Compliance for REACH, RoHs, conflict mineral data and End of Life dates


Verified data insights and executable actions to problems before they occur

Why We're Different

Let’s look at what Paradata has that many other supply chain and ERP supply chain solutions don’t.

Analysis in minutes, not days or weeks

Validated pre-loaded data about parts and prices gives you a trustworthy data source

Paradata provides data when, where, and why provenance

Data verification and enhancement increases data quality and results in trustworthy decisions

Prescriptive and actionable insights

Continuous curation of parts information

Harmonization and verification of public and private data, enriching your information

Opportunities for cost savings: Paradata identifies part prices that may be lower than your quoted price and also offers alternative parts that have lower prices

All of these add up to reduced risks, increased supply chain transparency, and more operating profit.

Our enrichment and verification technology fundamentally becomes your own customized weapon in the war to drive more operating profits and reduce risk.

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