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About Paradata

Our SaaS platform brings to the market a transformational solution

for supply chain professionals.

About Paradata

Every business has a supply chain. Because this is true, software that can help supply chain and procurement leaders make smarter decisions presents a large and lucrative market.

Our early adopters and the large brand name clients in the U.S. and Europe collectively spend a whopping $1.7 trillion annually. Paradata’s team combines seasoned entrepreneurs, deep supply chain expertise, and legendary IBM Fellows who were pioneers in relational database systems.

Today’s Supply Chain

Organizations today operate in environments that are highly complex and changing at an increasing rate. Managers and employees must quickly synthesize vast amounts of information about how they are being supplied to, and react to rapid changes in a hyper-competitive global environment. To be successful, they need highly functional and flexible software as well as a data infrastructure as a service that enables trustworthy data to be organized for better business intelligence.

A large corporation that fully understands its suppliers and the parts used by their many disparate departments globally can save as much as $100 million annually, and in some cases more.

Today, 85% of Fortune 500 organizations are still unable to exploit big data for competitive advantage. Smart companies will seize the opportunity to figure out how to control and master this data to increase profits.

66% of companies struggle to integrate business data across systems.

Paradata’s Solution

Paradata is a market leader in enterprise cloud-based applications for supply chain management, strategic sourcing, and component engineering. We achieved this position through our innovative and adaptable technology, focused on organizing unstructured and structured data to help companies find operating profit.

In order to extract more business value, our tool builds harmonized datasets leveraging public and private data by including deep information about vendors, parts, pricing, quoting, brands, competitors, manufacturing and operations.

Our application is designed for enterprises large and small that want a better technology for knowing

  • How they are being supplied to

  • How well their suppliers are performing at producing competitive quotes

  • Continuous monitoring of operating profit margins as a bill of materials changes over time.


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