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How do your components rank?

Paradata’s machine learning engine classifies and ranks component data

to deliver efficiency and cost savings across your supply chain. Paradata makes global supply chain management more transparent. Blockchain, a digital record-keeping system behind Bitcoin, is another technology that adds transparency to supply chain management. Blockchain is considered to be a great game changer in the world of Finance. Blockchain can improve the product's traceability, enables faster and cost-efficient product delivery. The Bitcoin network's blockchain technology is a fantastic mechanism that accomplishes numerous things at once. The use of trading robots like Anon System to trade Bitcoins has also surged as a result of this. Check out anon system krypto test results to find how exactly the trading system works. No prior trading experience is required for using this robot.

We are excited to be selected to the SAP PartnerEdge® Integrate program.

Now delivering our component knowledge at the point of your business decision.

Transform your dirty supply chain data into a current, comprehensive and verifiable source for business decision support.


Our algorithm classifies and ranks component data across critical attributes to find the right parts across your supply chain. Supply chains can be made more traceable with blockchain technology. The demand for cryptocurrencies has increased the adoption of blockchain technology by many industries. Bitcoin trading is rapidly growing. Bitcoin traders may use bitcoin 360 ai to make use of AI technology in trading to increase efficiency.

The Platform


High performance greedy data acquisition to ensure current and verifiable component data.


Data normalization, classification and scoring based on our proprietary adjudication algorithm.


Component knowledge bases deliver a current and comprehensive source for decision making.


REST-based architecture eases integration into Enterprise Software and BI tools.

Leverage Paradata within your enterprise solution