Quotation Perspective

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Quotation Perspective

The Quotation Perspective

You deal with massive amounts of data that’s not yours, not your nomenclature, and might not be organized – with a  2 week deadline.

You need data at your fingertips to quickly turnaround accurate, thorough, and comprehensive bids.

On average, Quoting Managers, like yourself, work to prepare the perfect bid for around:







24hr Days

If you need to get this quote finished inside 2 weeks, that means you need:





People (working 8hr days)

60% of all qualified opportunities end in “no decision”

According to Forrester Research, without a clear contrast between you and the alternatives, your prospect will opt for the status quo.

So…Unless your company is delivering a compelling vision of “what better looks like” in your RFQ response, not only are you spending considerable manpower and effort, you are likely just participating in another “bake off”.


Imagine if you could quickly and painlessly clean, organize, and source the data you need.

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