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Parts Advantage

Explore our robust parts catalog and find the right parts the first time.

Integration of live part data with popular design solutions.

Enables engineering and sourcing to ensure the right part is picked every time. Take advantage of side by side comparisons of parts and their equivalents.

Increase Part Visibility

Visualize part parametric details, part equivalents, part prices, and parts where used* like never before.

Improve Selection Choice

Search the part/parametrics you need, compare, and then pick the right part for your designs with full confidence.

Reduce Design Risk

Strengthen assurance in your designs and reputation through selecting compliant and active parts.

Robust Part Search

Find the parts you want even if you only know half of the part number or find parts that fulfill your design attribute requirements.

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Part Summary and Details

Comprehensive Part Details

Quickly access important details about a part to make informed decisions. Drill down into both public and private* price histories at both part and item level.

Part Usage*

See part usage across company projects and be able to negotiate better prices based on total quantity across team.


Part Usage and History
Multi-part comparison

Part Comparison

Compare multiple potential part equivalents to see if they meet the requirements you need and choose the right part for your project.

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* These features are only available with the integration of Parts Advantage into BOM Advantage. Customers who purchase BOM Advantage automatically get our Parts Advantage product for full analysis and detail in context of their projects.

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