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Enrichment as a Service

Enrich the parts in your component library.

Struggling to build a clean, comprehensive, and current electronic components library? You’re not alone.

Component libraries often lack basic electrical parametric, up-to-date lifecycle & compliance information, and valuable insights on the relationship between parts.

Whether it’s a change in the production status, a new alternative component, or a manufacturer acquisition – updates upstream can significantly impact business, and require hard work, process, and cost to reach your library.

Paradata offers the ability to enrich parts in your parts library or database with up-to-date part:

Electrical Parametrics

Lifecycle and Compliance Status

Equivalents and Alternatives

Public and Private Pricing

Spend less time making sure your parts data is correct, and more time using it to drive your business.


Paradata has created a one-stop highly-trusted network-effect accelerated machine learning system for electronic components that is irresistible.


Parts Library Enrichment and EDA Integration

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