Design Perspective

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Design Perspective

The Design Perspective

You work on products and systems by using complex scientific and mathematical techniques to develop solutions for society.

You need the most current, consolidated, and unbiased data about your parts to make sure they fit your design.

On average, Design/Component Engineers and NPI Managers, like yourself, search for the perfect parts for around:





Manual Hours

Even after all this significant manual effort, if one part is not active, compliant, or available (data which might have been out-of-date or missing at the time) your design will be sent back to you.

Imagine if you could pick the right part the first time.

Using the Paradata Advantage Suite, we can help you meet time-to-market and release goals by avoiding rework through giving you the tools to pick high quality parts from the beginning:

Robust Part Search

Find the parts you want that fit the attributes you need.

Part Search Screenshot
Part Summary and Details

Detailed Part Data

Quickly access important part details that are constantly updated.

Part Comparison

Find and compare part equivalents for parts that have been discontinued or are at risk.

Multi-part comparison

Watch How.

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