ADTRAN Case Study

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Adtran Case Study Title Summary

Industry  –  Communications Equipment

Country  –  USA

Employees  –  2,045

Website  –

The Challenge

ADTRAN had a need for a transparent view across the company’s complex, global supply chain in order to more efficiently assess and mitigate risk.


Silos of Disparate Data

Stale Data

Stale Information

The Solution

ADTRAN chose Paradata to deliver real-time updates and end-to-end supply chain visibility.

The Results

Lowered risk, expedited time to market, better business decisions, and improved product profitability.


Cost Savings

Dollars of Annual Savings

“We didn’t anticipate that Paradata would drive millions in BOM cost savings. It completely exceeded our expectations in terms of giving us the ability to take the numbers from different sources and present them in a format that we could use as actionable intelligence in negotiations with manufacturers.”

Mike Martin – Head of Procurement, ADTRAN

“Once we saw how it helped reduce risk, the lightbulb went off that Paradata was much more than a purchasing tool. We began resolving issues around compliance and parts nearing end of life, which gave us insight into how Paradata could help improve new product introductions.” 

Kim Breckel – Supervisor of Supplier Qualifications and Products, ADTRAN

“At the end of the day, procurement cares most about driving bottom-line impact from a profit standpoint. To accomplish this, we needed a transparent view across our entire supply chain so we could quicklu assess and proactively mitigate risk.”

Mike Martin – Head of Procurement, ADTRAN

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